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One of our favourite supplements to add to our dog’s 4 Strong Paws kibble is omega-3 fatty acids (Omega-3). There are numerous studies that show a wide-range of positive effects on the health of dogs from Omega-3.

In addition to all the great health benefits provided by Omega-3, it also significantly helps the skin condition of our pets. This is critical during the winter months when the heater is on in the home. Humans can apply moisturizing creams that dogs cannot. Consider Omega-3 as an internal moisturizing treatment for our pets.

When it comes to health benefits in dogs, research has shown that EPA and DHA are the most powerful. Therefore we are big advocates of supplementing our dog’s kibble with Omega-3 high in EPA and DHA (Fish Oil).

Benefits of Omega-3 for Dogs

  • Improving the skin and coat health of dogs
  • Supporting the brain development of puppies
  • Reducing inflammation to support healthy joints and reduce the effects of arthritis
  • Benefiting the immune system of dogs and boosting cancer fighting properties
  • Boosting the heart and kidney health 

Fish Oil Capsules (high in EPA & DHA)

We recommend using fish oil capsules rather than larger bottles of fish oil. The capsules will stay fresher longer and unless you have several dogs and are going through the fish oil quickly, there is a good chance that the larger bottles will go rancid.

The best fish oils are ones made from small fatty ocean fish like anchovies or sardines. You can get these fish oils from any pharmacy or health food store. Make sure you purchase from a reputable supplier and always check the expiry date.

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