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How to Feed Your Puppy

4StrongPaws_PuppyCareGuide_3467_Working_32pg-Dec9-FINAL-19Puppies require more nutrients (mainly energy) per unit of body weight than adult animals because of their accelerated metabolism and extra nutrient requirements needed for growth. It is best to provide a young puppy several small meals spread out through the day.

Control Portions

It is important to follow the suggested feeding guide on the side of your 4 Strong Paws Puppy Food bag as a starting point and adjust the amount as your puppy grows to ensure that you maintain the ideal body weight. Amounts vary depending on age, size, activity level, temperament, environment and health. Use the feeding guide as a reference only and make sure you and your family members do not overfeed.

Food should be left out for about 15-20 minutes per feeding. Whatever has not been eaten should be removed.

Number of Meals per Day

Up to 6 months:  3 meals per day

From 6 to 12 months: 2 meals per day

Dry vs. Wet

Dry food is made up of pieces called kibbles. It’s very convenient, stores well and is a cost effective choice of food. A good quality, premium food that is “complete” will contain everything your puppy needs for optimum growth and development. There is no need to supplement with any other food.

Most dry kibble help scrub away plaque while chewing, but more advanced premium diets, like 4 Strong Paw’s coarse grind kibble, helps to reduce tartar build-up both during and after meals.

Picky Eaters

Too often, puppies become Picky Eaters because they have been overindulged by their owners. Your puppy should only be fed food designed specifically for them. Quality Dog food treats can be given occasionally but feeding table scraps should be avoided. This often creates a picky eater and can lead to weight problems down the road.

Water Please

Please ensure that your puppy always has fresh water available with every meal. Water is an essential nutrient for your puppy’s health and well-being. Keep bowls clean and change the water frequently.


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