Why Choose Us

Nutritional Philosophy

4 Strong Paw's animal nutritionist has selected the finest, locally sourced ingredients that will provide your dog with a complete and balanced meal of fresh meats, fish, bioavailable carbohydrates, healthy fats, whole fruits, vegetables and botanicals that will exceed both your puppy and adult dogs' nourishment requirements.

Dogs - Why Choose 4 Strong Paws

Quality Ingredients

  • Limited Ingredient or Grain Free diets that work well for dog's with food sensitivities
  • Source of DHA & EPA (helps puppy's brain development)
  • Low Glycemic Recipe
  • Antioxidants to help fight disease
  • Chelated Minerals

Enhanced Nutrition

  • Source of DHA & EPA
  • Our Healthy ‘Gut-Check’ System
  • Low glycemic recipe
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Superior Results

  • Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat
  • Strong Muscle Development
  • Strong Bones & Teeth
  • Strong Immune System
  • Strong Digestive System
  • Great Taste – Guaranteed!
  • A Healthy & Happy Dog

Our Nutritional Philosophy


4 Strong Paws formulations use concentrated, animal-based proteins to provide a superior amino acid profile for healthy muscles, bones, eyes, and HEART. Our first core philosophy is to provide moderate, highly digestible, animal-based protein levels to meet and exceed the nutritional needs of your average to active dog.

We utilize whole and natural, low glycemic ingredients for our carbohydrate sources which may lower the risk of diabetes, help prevent obesity and keep your pet feeling full longer. We utilize industry-proven, locally sourced, ingredients carefully selected to aid in optimizing the nutritional integrity of our formulations and avoid fillers that can lead to itchy, flaking skin and lackluster coats.

2. Optimal Balance of Omega 3 & 6 plus Zinc and Key Vitamins for Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat

Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6) are the key to maintaining your puppy’s shiny coat. Low quality, commercial dog foods or improperly balanced homemade diets can lead to nutrient deficiencies. The skin and coat are good indicators when deficiencies are present. Dogs with nutrient deficiencies or imbalances tend to have dandruff flakes and dull coats.

4 Strong Paws keeps your dog a pleasure to pet by providing an optimal balance of Omega 3 & 6. We use Fish Oils (Essential Fatty Acids), Ground Flaxseed plus Zinc and other key vitamins to produce healthy skin and a coat that shines – we guarantee it!

Health Bonus – In addition to helping your puppy maintain a beautiful, shiny coat, Omega-3’s (EPA & DHA) also have very good inflammatory properties which help with allergies, other inflammatory skin diseases and the overall well-being of your dog.


4 Strong Paws utilizes a combination of ingredients to support a healthy digestive system. A healthy digestive system means a dog’s body can absorb more nutrients which promotes long-term health. 4 Strong Paw’s Healthy ‘Gut-Check’ System is guaranteed to help protect your young puppy’s developing and sensitive digestive system.

4 Strong Paw’s guarantees improved digestion through our following wholesome, nutritional approach:

  • Natural Fiber – the prebiotic fibers in 4 Strong Paws, found in our fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and chicory root help support a healthy digestive process by promoting beneficial gut microflora.
  • Probiotics - are dietary supplements containing live bacteria that supplements normal gastrointestinal flora (good bacteria). They encourage beneficial bacteria to flourish in the body helping optimize digestion and absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Prebiotics - are specialized plant fibers not digested by the body. The fibers nourish the good bacteria and help support growth of the good bacteria in the gut which increases immunity to potentially harmful microorganisms.
  • Digestive Enzymes – work in the gut and intestines to help break down and digest proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fat. Your puppy’s body depends on digestive enzymes to release vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients from the food to assist with absorption.
  • Botanicals - are plants or parts of plants used for flavor and their medicinal & therapeutic benefits. 4 Strong Paws utilizes a carefully combined mixture of botanicals to promote a healthy digestive system and the well-being of your puppy

4. Strong Immune System

4 Strong Paws helps keep your puppy’s vulnerable immune system strong with our essential vitamins, chelated minerals and important antioxidants, including super foods (blueberries, apples, and carrots) and vitamins C & E, which help fight free radicals and support & strengthen your puppy’s maturing immune system.

The healthy energetic puppy

4 Strong Paws healthy 'gut-check' system


Biologically-appropriate, ancestral meat-based diet - superior amino acid profile for healthy muscle, bones and heart.


Less Stool Volume with biologically appropriate ingredients and NO Grain Fillers.

4 Strong Real Results:

  • Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat
  • Strong Muscles, Bones & Teeth
  • Energetic & Healthy Puppy
  • Meaty Taste Your Dog Loves!

State of the art technology to reduce the risk of digestive upsets and to ensure consistent and precisely cooked dog food with every batch.

Optimal balance of Omega 3 & 6 plus Zinc and key vitamins for healthy Skin and Coat - 100% Money-back Guarantee

4 Strong Paws Healthy Gut-Check System - overall well-being with our holistic 'Gut-Check' system

Strong Immune system through excellent digestion and natural protection against allergic reactions and inflammation

4 Strong Paws Value Equation

Today’s consumer is more educated and conscious about the correlation between good health and nutrition. There is a large shift towards premium, all-natural pet food choices for today’s pets. A popular term within the Pet Food Industry is the shift towards “Premiumization”.

The new Value Equation for today’s discriminating consumer is:

Value = Health & Convenience

4 Strong Paws has responded to these Premiumization demands of the consumer by providing Healthy formulations that have highly digestible proteins, allergen-friendly grains, and no fillers which can contribute to digestive issues and bring on allergic reactions. 4 Strong Paws nutritional philosophy is to provide balanced diets concentrated with highly digestible meat and fish proteins, the inclusion of prebiotics, probiotics, botanicals and other healthy nutritional supplements for optimum health, without unnecessary cheap fillers and/or certain grains that have poor digestive properties and can cause inflammation.

We offer FREE DELIVERY right across Canada. Therefore, all our pet food products are delivered FRESH right to our clients’ doors for Superior Convenience.

To add to this value equation...all 4 Strong Paws products are priced very competitively with comparable brands purchased in national pet retail stores.


Natural and wholesome ingredients carefully selected to provide your dog a complete and balanced diet that provides the optimal amount of essential nutrients for its well-being.


Easy online ordering and home delivery service right across Canada.

4 Strong Paws

Passionately delivering a fresh, super premium, dry kibble option to discerning pet owners across Canada.

Precise-Bake Cooking Process

This exclusive cooking process has been patented by our manufacturing plant. The Precise-Bake technology allows for the monitoring of the cooking process immediately, accurately and efficiently to reduce the risk of digestive upset. Under or over cooked starches are one of the main food related culprits of digestive upset.

The Precise-Bake Process ensures consistent nutrient composition across all batches, improving palatability, digestibility and overall product consistency. It is a technology that leads the industry in providing better products for our pets. 4 Strong Paws is happy to be one of the select Pet Food companies to have our pet foods made with this technology. This technology further sets 4 Strong Paws apart from other brands and helps us continue to provide industry-leading formulations for our discerning pet owners and their pets.

Food Safety

Our Manufacturing Facility

We use a third-party manufacturing facility in Southwestern Ontario dedicated to producing high quality, well balanced and consistent pet foods. Food safety is their highest priority. Specific and scheduled quality and performance standards are maintained. The facility has implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) programs. HACCP is a federal program set forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) designed to ensure human food safety through a comprehensive preventative program used to identify areas of risk and establish documented and preventative controls to address these risks.

Governing Body

Our plant follows the guidelines and regulations for pet foods set forth by AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) and by the HACCP program. Our Manufacturing Facility is regularly monitored by these programs and agencies and excel in their regular inspections.

Supporting Quality Assurance Programs and Processes

1. Approved Supplier Program

Our plant works with trusted suppliers who follow the same rigorous quality standards and perform their own checks and balances on ingredients prior to shipping. Ingredients are then sampled on site prior to unloading. Any ingredient violations trigger an immediate audit and possible suspension or disqualification from our approved supplier program.

2. Finished Good Testing

During the manufacturing process our Quality Control Officers test the food for: protein, fat, and moisture levels in addition to physical appearance, product density and kibble size to ensure food consistency and to confirm that the formulations are in compliance with the guaranteed analysis as stated on the labels.

During the packaging of the food, ½ hour evaluations are performed for visual conformity of the kibble, bag weights, packaging, dated code. The product is held and cannot be shipped until lab results are obtained and the product is cleared. This ensures that all of our pet foods are consistent, unadulterated and compliant with the packaging formulation guarantees.

3. Traceability

Every package of 4 Strong Paws product shipped includes a unique batch code which allows us to trace each product through processing, formulation and back to the individual ingredient supplier.