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Toxic Plants

They’re beautiful and hard to resist, but many plants are toxic to pets! Seasonal plants like Mistletoe, Ivy’s and Poinsettias are not safe, and can be very dangerous for your furry friend. As pet owners, we have to be aware of all plants, no matter the season that can harm pets due to ingestion and those are:

Aconitum • Amaryllis Bulbs • Asparagus Fern • Azalea • Cyclamen • Daffodil Bulbs • Day Lilies • Delphiniums • Foxgloves • Hemlock • Hyacinth • Hydrangea • Ivy Laburnum • Lily of the Valley • Lupins • Mistletoe • Morning Glory • Nightshade • Oleander • Rhododendron • Rhubarb Leaves • Sweet Pea • Tulip Bulbs • Umbrella Plant • Wisteria • Yew

Keep our seasons enjoyable by being aware of common household plants that can be dangerous to our pets. 

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