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Winter Tips!

Let’s face it, Winter is cold and it gets dark too quick, leaving less time outside with our furry friends. Here are some tips to make sure you are prepared for the next couple months outside with your dog!


Dress your dog appropriately; they get cold just like you do! There are many great winter dog jackets to choose from; you can have a matching set! Measure from the collar to the base of the tail to find length, measure around their neck, and the widest part of their chest. These measurements will help you find the perfect jacket!


Keep your dogs paws clean, salt and snow can get between their paws and cause frost bite and burning. If your dog will wear boots, even better! Make sure the fur on their feet is neat and tidy as well, it will make it easier to keep them clean.

Did you know that dogs can get frostbite on their ears and tip of the tail? Be aware of the signs and what to look for, generally if skin is blue or white, frostbite has occurred. Keep your outdoor adventures short and sweet. To help your dog get used to the cold weather, go outside more often but shorter amounts of time. Be aware of your dogs age. Puppies and older dogs have a harder time regulating their body temperature, so be mindful of their time outside.

Be Aware

STAY AWAY FROM ICE! Local creeks, pond and water reservoirs are dangerous, keep your dog away from them. Dogs (and humans) can easily slip on ice and hurt themselves, pulling muscles and damaging ligaments. Better safe than sorry, steer clear from ice.

STAY AWAY FROM ANTIFREEZE! Accidental ingestion of antifreeze can cause serious damage and death in dogs. A teaspoon of this dangerous liquid can easily cause kidney failure. Signs that your dog has ingested some is drooling, seizures, vomiting, and excessive thirst. If you are visiting friends and family, be aware of where antifreeze is stored, to help keep your pet safe!

The cold weather is unavoidable, but these tips can help make the winter months easier for everyone, stay warm and enjoy!

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